When it comes to protecting ideas, confidentiality agreements are sometimes more effective than patents.

Trade Secrets & Confidentiality
Trade Secrets & Confidentiality

While patents are often very valuable to patent owners, a patent provides a limited monopoly that eventually expires.  Certain innovations, particularly those not likely to be independently discovered or reverse engineered, may be more valuable to an owner as a trade secret.  Trade secrets can retain value as long as they remain confidential.  Determining whether to pursue patent protection for an innovation or to keep it as a trade secret can be a nuanced decision, and our firm is adept in advising clients regarding the interplay between patents and trade secrets.  Additionally, we advise on the best practices for keeping trade secrets confidential.

Oftentimes in business dealings and negotiations between multiple parties, exchange of confidential information, while keeping the interests and confidentiality of that information protected, can be vitally important.  Further, it is very important that current and former employees are required to keep trade secrets confidential.  Our attorneys are experienced in drafting non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality provisions of agreements in view of our clients’ interests and business goals.


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