The Law Office of Mark Brown has more than 35 years of proven success in representing clients of all sizes in intellectual property matters. Our patent attorneys are passionate about intellectual property law and strive to obtain the best protection for clients’ intellectual property with patents, trademarks, copyrights, and related protections.

Law Office of Mark Brown, LLC


Protect & commercialize your inventions.

We are experienced in preparing applications for federal, state, and/or foreign patent registration. …Learn More

Our experienced patent attorneys are skilled in preparing and prosecuting patent applications covering a diverse range of complex technologies. Our clients’ inventions include innovations in the areas of mechanical, electrical, computer, software, biotechnology, life sciences, chemical, business methods, and design arts. …Learn More

Our firm often recommends prior art searches as they relate to the patentability of an invention and/or patent infringement concerns. …Learn More

Patentability opinions frequently help clients make informed business decisions that best position their business. …Learn More

Our patent lawyers routinely perform thorough patent infringement analysis and prepare formal freedom-to-operate opinions or infringement opinions for clients. …Learn More


Identify yourself in the marketplace.

We are experienced in preparing applications for federal, state, and/or foreign trademark registration. Once on file, we use our expertise to negotiate with trademark examiners in support of trademark registration to achieve the best results for our clients. …Learn More

Our attorneys provide thorough trademark availability searches and opinions. …Learn More

We prepare trademark-related agreements, including licensing agreements, assignments, and coexistence agreements. …Learn More

We routinely represent our clients’ interests in opposition and cancellation proceedings in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). …Learn More


Protect your creative output.

We prepare and file applications for copyright registration with the United States Copyright Office. Our attorneys are very knowledgeable about copyright laws and regularly counsel clients on protecting their works of authorship. …Learn More

We have advised clients regarding protection of many different types of copyright works of authorship. These works include books, written publications, poems, promotional materials, digital content, music, sound recordings, drawings, photographs, artwork, motion pictures, and many others. …Learn More

Many factors, including the timing of filing for copyright registration, can impact the amount of recoverable damages for instances of copyright infringement, and our attorneys provide excellent expertise regarding these scenarios. …Learn More

Internet Law

Navigate the web’s rapidly shifting landscape.

Our attorneys are exceptionally qualified to advise clients regarding good practices and processes for protecting their online intellectual property rights. …Learn More

We regularly advise and represent clients relating to a number of available internet dispute resolution procedures. These include Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceedings. …Learn More

Trade Secrets & Confidentiality

Keep your trade secrets confidential now and in the future.

Determining whether to pursue patent protection for an innovation or to keep it as a trade secret can be a nuanced decision, and our firm is adept in advising clients regarding the interplay between patents and trade secrets. …Learn More

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality provisions of agreements in view of our clients’ interests and business goals. …Learn More

Other Intellectual Property Matters

Engage in the marketplace with peace of mind.

Intellectual property is often an integral aspect of various types of agreements between parties.  Such types of agreements include licensing agreements, assignments, mergers, acquisitions, joint development agreements, employment agreements, consulting agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and many others. …Learn More

When litigation situations arise, we are a reliable resource for our clients providing expertise on litigation strategies and acting as vigorous advocates for our clients’ rights. …Learn More